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French courses

Lausanne's French course experts

For overseas students and international business people

Ecole Agora in Lausanne offers intensive French courses at all levels all year round.

French exam for university entry

Ecole Agora also prepares students for the French exam to enter Swiss universities.

Students for whom French is not their mother tongue are required to sit this exam to enter university in Switzerland, even if they are exempt from the Fribourg Exam and/or the Preliminary Exam.

Diplomas from the French Ministry of Education

  • DELF A2
  • DELF B1
  • DELF B2
  • DALF C1
  • DALF C2

Preparation for the following diplomas at Ecole Agora:

  • DELF B2
  • DALF C1
  • DALF C2

Practical information

Place Saint-François 12 bis 1003 Lausanne
Mon-Fri: 08:00-20:30


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